Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 3 Great Rite in the Rain Gifts from Rainwriter
Christmas is a little over a week away. Can you believe it? If you are an efficient shopper, you likely have all of your shopping done and presents wrapped under the tree. If you are more like us, however, you procrastinated and have a lot left to do. Why make things difficult? Rainwriter has a number of great products and free shipping when you spend over $39! Our Rite in the Rain products are highly rated and make great gifts for a variety of people. Check out some of our top sellers and add them to your online shopping cart today!

Rite in the Rain BC2035 Business Cards. Did you know in Japan, business cards are so important that they have them in vending machines on street corners? They play a huge role in Japanese etiquette and people need to be able to make them anywhere, anytime! They might not be as popular in the United States, but business cards are still important in nearly every industry. If you’re going to spend money on business cards, you should spend it on ones that will last. Rite in the Rain business cards are waterproof and durable, and make a great Christmas gift for nearly every professional on your list.

Rite in the Rain 146 All-Weather Universal Notebook Kit. Think of this Rite in the Rain kit like the perfect gift basket! This includes a No. 146 Pocket Notebook, No.97 All-Weather Tactical Black Clicker Pen and a No. C946 Cordura Fabric Cover. Why buy just one product when you can get them all in one convenient package? The pocket notebook is the perfect traveling size, at 4X6 with 100 waterproof pages. The all-weather pen works in temperatures ranging from negative 30 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and even works upside down! Lastly, the fabric cover keeps everything organized and, like everything else, is incredibly durable. Who couldn’t benefit from these products, seriously?

Rite in the Rain 177 All-Weather Soccer Notebook. Do you know a soccer coach? We have the perfect present for them! This all-weather soccer notebook can help track players, rosters, lineups and more! Between the polydrura cover and wire-o spiral binding, we know that whoever you buy it for won’t be disappointed!

Whether you have a few presents left to buy or haven't yet started, we know the above gifts are sure to be hits on Christmas morning!

Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone!

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