Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Home of Twilight: 4 of the Wettest Cities in the United States

At Rainwriter, we supply a variety of waterproof Rite in the Rain products, ranging from notebooks to pens and pencils. Naturally, we are interested in where our products could be the most beneficial! For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of some of the wettest cities in the United States. So grab your rain poncho and let’s check them out!
Portland, Oregon
Average Rainfall: 43 inches
Average Number of Rainy Days: 154
Portland residents are more than familiar with rainy days. In fact, they spend about 42% of the year hiding under umbrellas and wearing rain boots (figuratively speaking, of course). The number of rainy days in Portland seems to be growing with each year, and in 2012 they experienced an impressive 50 inches of rain! Needless to say, Portland residents could benefit from Rite in the Rain products and a good cup of hot coffee.
Seattle, Washington
Average Rainfall: 38 inches
Average Number of Rainy Days: 154
Seattle has earned quite the reputation for their wet weather. Surprisingly, they aren’t even close to being the wettest city in the country! That doesn’t change the fact, however, that they encounter heavy precipitation each year.
So, why is Seattle associated so strongly with rain? We are guessing because it’s the birthplace of Starbucks Coffee! Who doesn’t enjoy a hot caramel macchiato on a cold, dreary day? One thing is for sure, Seattle residents could certainly benefit from Rite in the Rain products from Rainwriter.

Forks, Washington
Average Rainfall: 99 inches
Average Number of Rainy Days: 206
There is a reason why the popular Twilight series was based in Forks, Washington. With 206 days each year of overcast skies and rainfall, it is the perfect setting for vampires, unable to be seen in the daylight.
The population of Forks is small, with only 3,500 residents, but the town attracts a substantial number of tourists. If you would like to see where Edward, Jacob and Bella fictionally lived, then grab your Rite in the Rain gear and check out Forks.

Mobile, Alabama
Average Rainfall: 67 inches
Average Number of Rainy Days: 54
Mobile, Alabama has earned the title of the “wettest city in the United States,” not because of the number of rainy days, but because of the sheer concentration. They experience heavy rain in about half the time, compared to places like Portland and Seattle. Those who work outside could definitely benefit from Rainwriter’s Rite in the Rain products, considering they never know when a storm might hit!


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