Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The History Behind Rite in the Rain


Phones, cameras, jackets. Isn’t just about everything better when made waterproof? The folks at Rite in the Rain certainly thought so, and they created an amazing product as a result.

The Rite in the Rain Company was founded nearly a century ago in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The founder, Jerry Darling, recognized a need for paper products that could withstand harsh elements. The logging industry in particular seemed to need this, and he knew others could benefit as well.

Jerry Darling created a special coating, which involved a moisture shield on hand dipped sheets of paper. He and his wife, Mary Darling, made each sheet of Rite in the Rain paper in their Tacoma home. From there the company grew, and is still owned and operated by friends of the family.

Much has changed since the early 1900’s, but the quality of the Rite in the Rain products has remained the same. There is something about Rite in the Rain products that set them apart from anything else on the market. When we first heard about this product at Rainwriter, we were experimenting with other waterproof brands. A customer actually returned one of our notebooks and said they needed Rite in the Rain quality. We gave the brand a try and have never looked back. One Rite in the Rain notebook and we were hooked!

Rite in the Rain products are no joke. You could literally drop your notebook in a puddle, leave it there for a week and it would work just the same. Not to mention the Rite in the Rain quality translates to their other products, including pens and pencils. A variety of people benefit from using these products, but in particular we’ve found that they are great for:

·         Engineers
·         Fisherman
·         Hunters
·         EMT Workers
·         Students
·         Teachers
·         Hikers
·         Climbers
·         Firefighters
·         Coaches
·         More

At Rainwriter, we strive to be the place “we would get our Rite in the Rain products.” We have yet to find anywhere that offers them at a better price. Not to mention, we offer free shipping on any orders over $39 in the United States! We hope that you learned a little bit about the Rite in the Rain company and why we love it so much at Rainwriter, thanks for stopping by!


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