Thursday, October 15, 2015

14 Times You'll Be Glad You Had An All-Weather Notebook

What prompted you to invest in all-weather notebook? Did you drop important information in a puddle? Did your notebook go through the wash? There are a number of reasons why someone might purchase an all-weather notebook, but most don’t think about it until the contents of their notebook are already ruined. For that reason, here are a few times we think you’ll be grateful to have purchased a sturdy Rite in the Rain notebook in the future.

1. Hunting TripsOn your next hunting trip it might rain tremendously. You might check the weather and expect a light chance of showers, but wind up in a torrential downpour. Moreover, you might wade through a creek and fall, or your notebook could fall out of your pocket and into a muddy ditch. Don’t let your hunting data, coordinates, and notes get ruined, especially when this is easily avoidable.

2. Child Proofing: Kids do some pretty destructive, disgusting things to your possessions, but they’ll have a hard time destroying your all-weather notebook. Whether your one-year-old chews on your journal or your three-year-old tries to flush it down the toilet, your notes will remain intact – though you may not want them after the latter scenario.

3. Preserve Memories: You can always write down your favorite memories in a journal, but you can’t keep them protected from spills, accidents, or the elements…or can you? Purchase a Rite in the Rain notebook and your memories will remain preserved, no matter what.

4. Fire: If a fire strikes your home, you’ll be faced with two of the most damaging elements: fire and water. Luckily, your all-weather notebook has a much better chance of surviving both of those scenarios than any regular journal.

5. Vacation: In the past, we mentioned a list of some of the best travel destinations to visit. Most were located close to water, which would pose a problem for most journals and notebooks, but not all-weather journals. You’ll be able to jot down notes and document memories all vacation long.

6. Kayaking Trips: There are probably a few memories you’ll want to record when kayaking. You probably don’t want to risk bringing along your phone or camera, but an all-weather notebook can withstand anything.

7. Bird Watching: Note the location, species, and details of each bird you see, without worrying about your sketchpad getting damaged in bad weather.

8. Wet Vacation: When you’re away from home, you’re often out of your element and unaware of what to expect. You might be faced with constant rain, for example! You might not be able to count on what the weather will hold, but you can have a sturdy notebook on hand.

9. Hiking Trip: Many intensive hiking trips require fording rivers to get to your destination. A normal notebook would get soaked, but a Rite in the Rain journal will be just fine.

10. Work in the Field: For those who work in agriculture or the food business, all-weather notebooks are essential for recording statistics, treatment records, and more.

11. Construction Work: If the home you currently live in is under construction, you’ll need paper that can handle the rigor of the remodel. If you’re in the construction business yourself, Rite in the Rain notebooks can help you log work, record progress, and keep track of other important metrics.

12. Fishing Trips: Want to remember a great fishing spot? Write it down in a journal that won’t get ruined if you accidentally drop it in the water before you head home.

13. Scuba-Diving: You probably never thought about it, but it would be nice if you had a notebook and pen you could use underwater to track and draw the beautiful fish. Next time you head to Hawaii and go snorkeling perhaps?

14. Swimming: Keep track of your best lap times with a notebook that can sit right next to the pool, or even go underwater without a problem.

As you can see, there are a number of instances in which an all-weather notebook can be incredibly helpful. If you want to prepare yourself for any or all of these occasions, browse our collection today!

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